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12 October, 2012

Bull City Vegan Brunch Challenge

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I’m always excited to see what our creative chefs come up with when challenged, and the folks behind the 2010 Bull City Vegan Challenge are running a new one for the month of October. Much like the first, several Durham restaurants have agreed to come up with one vegan dish to compete for the votes of diners who try them out. This time, they’ve moved away from dinner and dessert and are doing brunch! Brunch without eggs, dairy, or meat? I’m intrigued!

There are a few additional rules the participating chefs must follow to avoid falling into the trap of presenting a standard vegan restaurant meal:


  • Each entry must have both a sweet and savory component.
  • Salad and lentil dishes cannot be considered brunch.
  • Oatmeal, granola, hash browns, and fruit plates are off the table, so to speak.

I think that’s a pretty tall order to fill for a vegan brunch dish! Luckily, each of the participating restaurants are already serving their dishes, and here they are, along with the times that you can expect to find them offered—brunch is served at different hours at each location.

Alivia’s Durham Bistro

Bananas Foster french toast made with focaccia bread and topped with coconut ice cream and strawberry-jalapeno coulis–$10.50. Available Saturday and Sunday, 9 am—3 pm (starting October 13th).

Bull Street Gourmet & Market

Tofu-sweet potato hash with green beans and roasted red pepper sauce–$7.99. Available Saturday and Sunday, 9 am—3 pm.


Peanut-corn-potato cake with coconut-caramelized onion sauce and market vegetable–$7.99.

Daisy Cakes

North Coast tofu scramble made with roasted veggies, garlic-cilantro tofu, and topped with vegan mozzarella, cilantro, and scallions–$8.95. Available Tuesdays–Saturdays, 8 am—3 pm.

Rue Cler

Apple loaf french toast crusted with Coca krispies, cinnamon-apple compote, and shaved chocolate–$9. Available Saturday and Sunday, 10 am—2 pm.


Charred eggplant fatouche with chickpeas, purslane, and walnut spread on housemade whole wheat naan–$8. Available Tuesday–Friday, 11:30 am—3 pm.

The Refectory Cafe 



Tofu, avocado, black bean, and okra tacos with housemade salsa plus choice of dessert: all-natural jam bar or chocolate chip cookie–$10. Available Sunday, 9 am—3 pm.

Those photos and descriptions all come from the Bull City Vegan Brunch Challenge’s website here. If you decide to participate and check out the options, voting takes place here, although the voting doesn’t open for another day or two. Once the polls do open, they will stay that way through 10/31, and every voter will also be entered to win a prize package.

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