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24 August, 2012

St. Somewhere Petit Verdot 2010

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St. Somewhere Petit Verdot 2010
Paso Robles, CA

I was recently introduced to the petit verdot varietal at the Virginia wine tasting I attended at the Angus Barn in June. I was impressed with its versatility in those VA blends, but mostly, I enjoyed finding a petit varietal that wasn’t too tart for my palate. Thus, I was emboldened to try this wine — although I did sample it at Trader Joe’s first.

Its nose is rich with tobacco and red licorice. The wine could use at least a short breathing, and with it, any petit tartness dispels, leaving a lovely brown sugar and nectarine quality. The tobacco is a strong presence when drinking, and this is definitely a dry wine, which I enjoy. I picture overripe berries and how well it would combine with a duck and berry dish. I also taste a creamy element that increases the wine’s richness, a marshmallow cream swirl, if you will. There is heat as it rolls down your throat, and ashes are the aftertaste.

I know ashes as aftertaste isn’t for everyone, but for me, this is an excellent wine with plenty of depth to keep me interested as I drink it. If it were just a tad less tart, it’d get my top score.

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Reviewed 5 August 12.

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