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30 March, 2012

Comique Revolution Blanc 2010

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Comique Revolution Blanc 2010
Central Coast, CA

Look at this — another wine that won me over with its label artistry! I’m so predictable. This time, that art is an alluring blend of golden tones with black lines portraying some odd lords and ladies along with exclamations that they had to “cut the fluff!” apparently leaving nothing behind but flavor notes. It’s all rather confusing, but that generally only serves to heighten my curiosity.

The Comique Revolution Blanc smells like crème brulee, or rather, it smells like cream, butter, vanilla, and a bit of peach for kicks. It tastes like crème brulee as well but a dry version of it with no overwhelming sweetness. Oak is definitely present, and it’s nicely balanced with that rich buttery flavor. For fruit, green apple comes out swiftly, taking dominance, but peach rounds out the sip.

It’s a pretty tasty white wine. Don’t be afraid of nonsensical labeling; give it a try!

Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

Jason’s Wine Blog

This one gets better as it warms. Apple blossom, musk melon, and honeysuckle greet you on the nose. The palate is rich with overripe peaches and white pear flavors before turning tart (grapefruit/lemon) with a mineral edge. The oily texture lasts throughout the short, spiced (and slightly hot) finish. Make sure to let this one get all the way to room temperature to let it show its wares. Even still, this comes up a bit short for me as it seems flabby (could use more acidity IMHO) and the alcohol is dialed a little high.

Cheap Wine Snobs

It says that their wine smells like peaches, apple blossoms, juniper berries, and honeydew. It also says that their wine tastes like white peaches, custard, and salted pain perdu. Ok, I get it about the peaches and the apple blossoms and the juniper berries and the honeydew, but I think the custard and the salted pain perdu are very well hidden in someone’s imagination. We all like to have a little fun describing wine, so I am hip to the humor. All that aside, this is a really nice and flavorful white wine. The wine even had a sense of humor. I chuckled all the time I was drinking it. I will certainly buy this again.

Reviewed 28 February 12.

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