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28 March, 2012

Espiral Vinho Rosé

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Espiral Vinho Rosé
Gaia, Portugal

Apologies, but I have no wine label to share with you. This is a bottle I picked up at Trader Joe’s — hopefully, that helps if you’re interested in it?

Espiral Vinho Rosé is a rosé version of vinho verde, and I was super excited to see it. I love vinho verde; it’s so much drier and more exciting than many other white varietals. The wine is a beautiful pink — what rosé isn’t? It swims with lively flavors like lime, lemongrass, and strawberry. Ultimately, however, it is pretty thin, which makes it pretty forgettable in my book.

My first vinho rosé leaves much to hope for from future bottles, but it’s pleasant regardless of its unmet potential.

Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

The Wino That I Know

I love this wine. . . . I have not been a fan of blush wines for quite a while. Most are very bland and uninteresting. The light effervescence in this makes the flavor more interesting. In general, it is sweet and fruity, with just a touch of tanginess.

Reviewed 2 Mar 12.

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