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4 January, 2012

Lost Vineyards Tempranillo

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Lost Vineyards Tempranillo
Calatayud, Spain


This medium-bodied and medium dry tempranillo is all you can ask for at $3.99. It smells like dark chocolate and light leather. Cherry comes to mind first when sipping, but that dark chocolate has a stronger presence overall. It’s bitter in a way that ties in nicely to the dark chocolate. There’s subtle spice that most closely resembles cardamom and comes up to finish off the taste.

This isn’t a sophisticated wine by any means, but it’s a serviceable example of a tempranillo at such an affordable price. It’s worth serving after your show-off wines are finished. And by show-off, I mean anything above $10 a bottle, of course. Let’s not get crazy here.


Other bloggers’ thoughts:

The Poor Man’s Guide to Alcohol

I found this wine to be OK. It wasn’t bad if you need a decent red wine in a pinch for a dinner party or a wine to cook with. The first glass I poured for myself had a huge bite. After a couple more glasses of wine, the bite mellowed out.

Wines I Enjoy

The Tempranillo was very nice, certainly not a great wine. The bouquet was good, the taste fair. It was very drinkable. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the wine was for the price. I have had $10 bottles that were not this good.

Reviewed 12 Dec 11.


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