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18 October, 2011

Castelmaure Corbieres Col des Vents 2008

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Castelmaure Corbières Col des Vents 2008

Languedoc, South France


This red wine’s nose is full of jammy blackberry-fruit-leather notes. It smells warm, with a smidge of potpourri essence to it. Aeration is important for appreciating this wine—-it tastes far too tight and tart without it, like cranberry and eucalyptus. Given some airing, the tartness is much mellowed. It’s buttery on first sip, quickly to be replaced by a bright plum. By the time it hits the back of your throat, bitterness takes over, making you wonder if someone forgot to remove that plum’s pit. It finally settles into a fairly earthy leather, which is not the best ending note. But hey, it could be worse. It could be undrinkable.

So, um, not the best wine for me, but I’m also not a convert to French wines yet.

Other Bloggers’ Thoughts

In My Glass

There are light fruits (berries brambles, black currant) and spices (including black pepper) on the palate. It’s well balanced.  My rating: Very good.

Connie’s Blog for Food and Drink

A wine like Castelmaure “Col des Vents” Corbieres offers a perfect introduction to the region, medium-bodied and spicy.

Reviewed 27 Sept 11.

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