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3 October, 2011

My Sister’s Kitchen

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My Sister’s Kitchen
4716 NC Highway 55
Edge of Research Triangle Park, Durham
Breakfast: $1.99–$6.99
Lunch/Dinner: $4.99–$10.99

My Sister’s Kitchen is located just past the intersection of highways 54 and 55. It’s in a bright red building now adorned with a mural of a tasty breakfast plate. Breakfast is a big draw for this spot, because it’s served all day, and it’s pretty affordable. There’s also free wireless. Inside, I was pleasantly surprised by the bright, cheery yellow of the dining room setup.

Service is either take out and order at the register or sit down and be waited on. Don’t bother looking up at the overhead menu—it’s not complete. The real menus are at the tables so grab one of those to see what My Sister’s Kitchen offers.

Pancakes, omelets, and various egg and meat combinations are on the menu for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, a short list of entrees includes some Caribbean jerk, chicken marsala, stuffed pork tenderloin, pasta and then straightforward sandwiches, hamburgers, and hot dogs. In other words, it’s a mix of cuisines. We dined in, and the only problem I found with My Sister’s Kitchen became noticeable right away—the same people work the take-out register as work the dine-in service, so service is slow if there’s anyone up at the counter, and there usually was. It wasn’t so slow to have annoyed me, though, but I’d be lax if I didn’t mention that two tables walked out while we were there, and the wait may have had to do with one of those. The other table seemed displeased with what looked like a delicious chili dog from my vantage point and left without even trying it, so I think that was unrelated.

Other than slow service, though, I saw no reason to complain. I was tempted by their pasta entrees, but ultimately, the pull of breakfast for lunch won out. I went with the breakfast burrito ($3.99).

Eggs, tomato, sausage and jalapenos filled in the tortilla, and a small cup of sour cream came on top. I loved the ingredient combination, but be forewarned if you don’t like spicy food—the menu lists green peppers, but they were definitely jalapenos.

My friend had the breakfast plate ($5.99).

They have small-dice home fries, which is a fun change from the larger chunks usually offered around here. No complaints other than wanting a little more butter, and it was satisfying food served simply.

Let us know if you try out their lunch and dinner options!

Reviewed 9.23.11.


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  • Jamie N
    October 31, 2011 at 9:57 am

    I have never heard of this place. Will have to try it. Always great to hear about new places near RTP!

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