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28 September, 2011

Hiko’s Premium Ka No Izumi Junmai Daigingo

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Hiko’s Premium Ka No Izumi Junmai Daigingo
Koga Shiga, Japan


This is a fantastic sake. I lost my tasting notes on it right after I tried it, so this is a loose, loose remembrance of the flavors. Normally, I wouldn’t bother writing up a post when that happens, but I wanted to make sure you all know about this one.

First of all, it’s wonderfully smooth. Banana is the dominant flavor. In second is the taste of almonds, or amaretto if you prefer, that intermixes with the banana remarkably well. I’m not sure what else I tasted—maybe some vanilla?—but those two stick out in my memory and made for a delicious sipping sake. Give it a pour!

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Reviewed 25 Sept 11. 

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