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22 March, 2010

Martellozzo Prosecco—Wine Review

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Martellozzo Prosecco
Veneto, Italy

First of all, this was like no other sparkling wine I’ve tried before-I had to pull it out, not pop it off. With a corkscrew. I’m still confused as to how I couldn’t pop it or knife it out. I don’t think it’s a prosecco thing; I’ve had prosecco before. Perhaps not knowing sparkling wine came with standard corks is just an example of my still incomplete gourmet knowledge? Or is it weird? Let me know if you do.

Okay, you came to read about the wine, not my crisis of gourmet progression. There’s plenty of pop in this vino, despite the lack of a pull-off cork. It has a smooth, yummy flavor. It’s very thin, with floral notes and maybe a touch of lemon. I found it to be a pleasant, refreshing bubbly, and had no complaints whatsoever.

4 stars

Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

The Wineauxs

A fruity gum sort of nose – like a peach flavored gum.

Light body with a good amount of fizz. A bit of apple and grapefruit – a rather crisp bottle, good acid, a touch of sugar, a thoroughly enjoyable bottle.

Some honeydew qualities come through on the finish.

We haven’t had a lot of luck with Prosecco, but this one I’m enjoying – if I recall, many Proseccos have an unripe tropical fruit stickiness that doesn’t work, but this is light, crisp, and easy drinking all around.

Drinking My Way Through Trader Joe’s Wine

It is a nice dry, sparkling wine. It adds a nice finish to the meal. I can sit and relax and pretend that I am outside in a sunny park. The wine is very light. I could easily use it in brunch mimosas. Good value for money.



This wine was a nice surprise. The nose was refreshingly mineral with a whiff of apple. The body was just a bit off-dry but very fruit forward with nice, medium acidity and easy flavors of apple and pear. The finish was a bit short, but that is fine for a wine that would make a nice stand-alone before a meal or with light appetizers.

The bubbles in this one were very soft and pleasant.


Reviewed 3.11.10.

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