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16 June, 2010

Evenus 2006 Zinfandel Port

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Evenus 2006 Zinfandel Port Paso Robles, CA The nose of this lovely dessert wine is mainly black raspberry, but there’s also a hint of licorice, making this a combo that my black-raspberry-gumdrop and black-licorice-loving father would have loved. If he drank. Which he didn’t, really. Okay . . . back on track. The first flavor
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22 March, 2010

Martellozzo Prosecco—Wine Review

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Martellozzo Prosecco Veneto, Italy First of all, this was like no other sparkling wine I’ve tried before-I had to pull it out, not pop it off. With a corkscrew. I’m still confused as to how I couldn’t pop it or knife it out. I don’t think it’s a prosecco thing; I’ve had prosecco before. Perhaps
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24 February, 2010

Les Caves Joseph Bordeaux Rouge 2007—Wine Review

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Les Caves Joseph Bordeaux Rouge 2007 France This Bordeaux smells peppery and tingles my nose. It is dry and tart, with a berry flavor of deep, dark cherries. There’s an extra layer to it that’s like molasses but not sweet  . . . rum notes? The wine is very drinkable, especially the more you drink
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21 October, 2009

Wine Review–Incanto Rose

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Wine:  Incanto Rose Region:  Italy This sparkling rose has no nose to speak of.  It is moderately fizzy and paltry in personality.  I would liken it to a sparkling water with lemon-lime flavoring and a dash of berry.  It would work as a very light accompaniment for a meal but definitely not for drinking on
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