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9 December, 2019

The BroBasket Gift Basket for Drinkers of Any Gender

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I may not be a bro, but I know a good present when I see one. The BroBasket is a gift basket company aiming to please the men on your holiday list or on any special occasion. Despite not being the demographic BroBasket targets, or perhaps because I’m not the demographic BroBasket targets, I agreed to review one of those gift baskets for this blog. Obligatory disclaimer: That means this review is based on products that were entirely free to me.

the brobasket, gift basket, gift box, holiday gifts for men, holiday gifts, whiskey gift basket, snack basketThe BroBasket was born out of a recognition that some men aren’t comfortable receiving gift deliveries of flowers, fancy chocolates, and the like as a thank you or surprise. And frankly, that’s true. While my husband loves any such present, my stepfather would be making good-natured jokes about how girly he felt if someone sent him flowers. So why not have a gift basket option that focuses on more stereotypically manly items such as whiskey, snacks, and cigars? I see no reason why women who’d also be happy to receive those items can’t laugh at being a bro for a day. I sure did.

So what’s in a BroBasket? There are many different options, including mix and match, but most involve pairing either liquor or beer with snacks. Genius! We all know that good drinking needs good carbs to soak up the alcohol. I opted for the BroBasket Ultimate Whiskey Sampler, which retails for $99.95. I was impressed with how well packed the box was on arrival, using the wizardry of plastic and glue to appear as nicely arrayed as if it were hand-delivered.

the brobasket, gift basket, gift box, holiday gifts for men, holiday gifts, whiskey gift basket, snack basket

The BroBasket wrapped up.

Unwrap the plastic and be amazed by the sheer number of items this basket contains! Two pouches of caramel and kettle Popcornopolis popcorn, one large Brookside’s Acai and Blueberry dark chocolate bites package, one glass tumbler, one coaster, and the hard-plastic gift tin itself, which can be used for any household items you need to corral. Oh, and did I mention the TEN SAMPLE BOTTLES OF WHISKEY?!

the brobasket, gift basket, gift box, holiday gifts for men, holiday gifts, whiskey gift basket, snack basketIf you, like me, loved gaping at the pretty little sample bottles at the grocery store as a kid, this gift basket will bring Charlie and the Chocolate Factory levels of joy to you. Those ten sample bottles include American, Irish, and Scottish whiskeys: Maker’s Mark, Johnnie Walker, Knob Creek, MaCallan, Glenlivet, Jameson, Woodford Reserve—you get the idea.

Now, your impulse may be like mine. It may be to pop all those beauties open for a tasting party. Amirite?! But that way, my friends, lies madness. And hangovers. Perhaps this is where my finer senses expose me as not a bro? Instead of going all in, I chose to taste only one whiskey before posting this review—the Glenlivet 12-Year Scotch Whisky because I had not tried it before.

Scotch whisky and I have a cat and mouse relationship. I want to pursue it, but I often find the chase more fun than the capture. Except in cocktails for some reason, where Scotch absolutely shines. Some of you may call that sacrilege, that nothing but an ice cube should accompany a Scotch, but have you had a Blood and Sand? Go have a Blood and Sand. I’ll wait. See? Delicious!

the brobasket, gift basket, gift box, holiday gifts for men, holiday gifts, whiskey gift basket, snack basket, glenlivet 12, sample bottle, whiskey rocksSo was the Glenlivet 12-Year on nothing more than whisky rocks. It’s full of malt, conjuring nopales and root beer notes, with enough of a roast to keep it from running into soda territory. It shows off a nice spice profile of cinnamon, mace, and star anise. A touch of apple gets swept away by the whisky’s grassier qualities. It leaves a smidge of vanilla on the finish along with a lingering velvet mouthfeel and the memory of a great roasted meal. Quite nice!

In summary, y’all can call me a bro anytime. Especially if it comes with free whisky and snacks. Browse all over that BroBasket website to find the right combination you want to gift to someone special of any gender: full bottles, half bottles, chocolate, gin, beer buckets, shot glasses, gourmet sodas – you can even go cheaper with a cardboard box or fancier with a wooden crate. But do it quick if you want it delivered in time for the holidays! Ya’ feel me?

My BroBasket was opened and reviewed 25 November 2019.

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