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19 October, 2018

KickAss Britchen Red

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KickAss Britchen Red
Paso Robles, CA

KickAss Britchen RedThe KickAss label invokes the lighter side of winemaking for AronHill Vineyard’s owner, Judy Aron. The back label declares its inspirations proudly: “Life is all about ASS. You are either covering your ASS, laughing your ASS off, kicking ASS, kissing ASS, busting ASS, trying to get a piece of ASS, or behaving like an ASS. KickBack and Enjoy!” Per the website, the winery’s three mules also played a part in inspiring the label, or at least the label artwork.

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The Britchen Red is a blend of AronHill’s estate primitivo (zinfandel) and cabernet sauvignon grapes, with some added zinfandel from elsewhere, likely still in the Templeton Gap area. Aside from the questionable label copy capitalization choices, I found the Britchen Red rather ideal for food pairings, offering a nose of blue cheese-laced fondue and stewing currants and prunes. The fruits continue into the glass, where lively tannins provide electricity that livens it up. Drinkable on its own but would work great with carnitas.



It’s available for purchase on the AronHill Vineyards website.

Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

Alleigh at A Glass After Work

On the nose, there were strawberries mixed with red and black cherries and a hint of nutmeg and smokiness. In the mouth, there were strawberries, cherries, and nutmeg mixed with hints of cedar and smoke. The wine had medium-to-full-body, tannins, and acid.

At $32 a bottle, I know this isn’t an everyday wine for most people, but it’s definitely a wine worth splurging on. Interestingly, for all the hints of darker characteristics in the wine, I found it lively and incredibly easy to drink. It’s very food-friendly. Just keep in mind that while it may not taste like it, this wine has a pretty high alcohol content. So, don’t let that catch you off guard, especially as I have no doubt that you won’t want to stop at just one glass.

Reviewed 2 September 2018.


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