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23 October, 2018

McCay Trulux Zinfandel 2014

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McCay Trulux Zinfandel 2014
Lodi, CA

McCay, trulux, zinfandel, lodiIf Anne Shirley’s cherry cordial was blackberry instead, this is exactly how I imagine it. Medium-bodied with a nose full of very dark, extra ripe berries. I want to make a syrup with it and pour it over pancakes or maybe reduce it with vinegar for a tasty drizzle.


Other Bloggers’ Thoughts

Frederic Koeppel of Bigger Than Your Head

An elegant and slightly brooding mélange of smoke, black tea, mocha, black cherry, and currant fruit and a loamy character that opens to granitic minerality. Excellent.

McCay, trulux, zinfandel, lodi

The Frugal Wine Snob on the 2012 vintage

Complex, with many aspects of what you would expect from a Bordeaux. Beautiful fruit. Tannins, yet mouth-watering. Good finish. Licorice, pipe tobacco. Very well balanced. Raw organic cherry pie, a pure expression of the fruit and soaringly beautiful flavors. A little amber in the color. I loved this wine.

Reviewed 16 February 2018.

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