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15 July, 2016

Extremely Rare Rare Red 2012 Black Blend

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Extremely Rare Rare Red 2012 Black Blend
Central CA

extremely rare rare red 2012 black blend wine

I can’t lie, I think the name of this wine is hilariously death metal. Throw a few more adjectives in there, and it’d also be its own thesaurus. Although I’ve reviewed wines from the Scotto Cellars portfolio before, I have to admit to apprehension at that word-soup marketing.

However, it certainly lives up to its claims.

extremely rare rare red 2012 black blend wine

I honestly can’t believe how deeply dark this wine is. Octopus ink is the only thing that comes to mind, and I wonder if I’ve been slipped Kraken rum instead somehow. The Black Blend is an extension of Scotto’s RARE label, and this one is a blend of old vine zinfandel, petite sirah, and syrah from Lodi, Lake County, and Amador County–a true blend of Central Californian varietals and regions! After separate aging in steel oak barrels, the blend’s grapes spent close to a year together in French oak.

So how does this headbanger fare? It has a restrained nose that’s well-layered if pondered. I recommend plunging in head first instead. This swimming hole’s murky depths instill just enough fear to bring maximum fun. Float in an inner tube of overripe cherries and plums. Splash your feet at friends and floating logs…just to make sure that’s all they really are.

In other words, it’s worth the drink! I was surprised by how much I liked it and would happily take that swim again, especially at $9.99 a bottle suggested retail price.

My Quini breakdown:

extremely rare rare red 2012 black blend wine quini review

My rating:

avocado rating

Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

Wine on the Dime

The skeptical, and ruggedly handsome, wine blogger took a sip of the liquefied night sky he held in his hand. He discovered a full bodied wine with blackberry upfront, followed by cherry and plum. Soft tannins. A smooth, medium finish with light-medium acidity.

Pull that Cork

Fruit flavors shine through in the Extremely Rare Black Blend, which still shows a very youthful color.…The Black Blend certainly paired nicely with our meal of smoked country-style pork ribs, roasted potatoes and asparagus. It is a pleasant, fruit-forward red wine that will appeal to wine drinkers who are not fond of tannic red wines. A good choice for weeknight dining.

Obligatory disclaimer: I received this Extremely Rare Rare Red 2012 Black Blend bottle for free. I think they should have paid me to type that title repeatedly, just for the record. 😉

Reviewed 29 June 2016.


3 thoughts on : Extremely Rare Rare Red 2012 Black Blend

  • July 15, 2016 at 3:58 pm

    I’ll have to look for this one, though at only $10 a bottle, I have to wonder how truly rare it is. Sounds like an interesting blend. I’m glad folks are starting to blend zinfandel. I like it better that way.

    • The Gourmez
      July 15, 2016 at 10:00 pm

      When I said it lived up to its name, I meant the “extremely black” part of it! Have no idea as to actual rarity, but this specific blend is probably unique to itself, of course.

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