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10 April, 2015

Barcelona Beach Strolling

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It’s time for another addition to my Barcelona visitor’s guide! This one is focused on life at the beach…keeping in mind that we were there in winter, so it was less about sunbathing and more about catching nice views from the shelter of a restaurant. But with views this nice, who cares if you need a sweater?


An excellent way to start your beach day is actually from the mountains. Or Montjuic, to be exact. I’m not talking visiting the tourist attractions on the northeastern side of Barcelona’s most prominent peak but the gardens to the south at the Hotel Miramar.



They are accessible either by car or by walking uphill about a quarter of a mile from the Plaça de les Drassane. Your reward for your efforts? Not only this amazing view–


–but this fantastic clifftop bar!


Once you’ve soaked all that exquisiteness in, it’s time to keep moving. Or be moved, rather, by skyward cable car!


Right outside the restaurant, get a one-way ticket to Platja de Sant Sebastia and get in line for our journey down to the beach.

Farewell, Hotel Miramar!

Farewell, Hotel Miramar!

Hello, Platja de Sant Sebastia!

Hello, Platja de Sant Sebastia!

Once you disembark, walk toward the water about a block and just keep walking. You’ll figure out what you’re headed toward pretty fast:


That’s the absolutely gorgeous W Barcelona hotel, and if you’re a photography enthusiast like me, you’ll want to capture it in as many different lights and cloud formations as you can.



Make sure you head around to the far side of the hotel as well, because there’s a scenic skateboarding plaza to also take in.



Whew. You’ve likely grown hungry enough for lunch, haven’t you? How about whiling away the lunchtime hour at one of the several appealing restaurants located right below the W Barcelona? I guarantee the views will be worth it.


And so will the langostinos and a bottle of bubbly.


Photography credit to my husband for this one.

Photography credit to my husband for this one.

Let that sea air relax and refresh you before you set your sights on the other side of the water.


See that glimpse of gold? That’s Gehry’s Golden Fish, built for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, and it’s your end destination for the evening. But you have a long ways to walk on that beach before you get there. Rejoice! For you are at the beach!


Head north along the water. Stick your toes in that Mediterranean, skip some stones, maybe climb the climbing gym.


It won’t be long until the Barcelona harbor opens up to your left.


If you’re not worn out yet, go ahead and circle around it, as runs right up to the Gothic Quarter. I found it easy to picture waves and waves of people taking the same meandering path throughout the centuries.




Plus, you may encounter a small street market to give you a boost of energy to continue back to the beach.


When you do hit the sand again, you’ll be in the Barceloneta district, an area of close quarters with plenty of working class charm leftover from its days as a fishermen’s village.



Cheaper eats can be found in its narrow streets, but as you continue along the beach, you’ll notice the clientele getting hipper, more sophisticated in tastes and prices. And they will gladly welcome you in for another siesta.


Your journey to the Golden Fish is nearing its end. Say farewell to the beautiful beach…


…because the shiny plates of metal have enchanted you now!




What better way to end a full day than with dessert? Crêperie Bretonne is a French chain of restaurants, so you know their sweet treats will be worth it.

Strawberry, mango, and lemon ice creams with blackberry topping.

Strawberry, mango, and lemon ice creams with blackberry topping.

And with such whimsical décor, it’s a fun way to spend a few more minutes near the Fish.


It’s literally right underneath it.


If you’re ready to head back into the streets of Barcelona, I suggest walking up Carrer de la Marina toward the Plaça dels Voluntaris Olimpics. You’ll find a lovely fountain at one of the hotels along the way.


The Plaça is the centerpiece of a greenway full of artwork and remembrances of the Olympic Games.


You can follow it back toward the Gothic Quarter if you’d like. The Ciutadella/Vila Olimpica stops are not far either.

I hope you enjoyed your day at Barcelona’s beaches! Next time, we’ll take a look at some of Barcelona’s coolest and lesser known museums…and maybe some food near them. Food? At the Gourmez? Unheard of!

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