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15 December, 2014

Goody Good Stuff Product Review

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What’s about an inch in diameter, full of gumdrop memories, and free of all animal products? If you answered Goody Good Stuff jelly candies then you answered correctly! But chances are you haven’t heard of these tasty discs as yet.


That’s right, I have another product review for you, something sweet for stuffing those stockings hanging from the mantle. Goody Good Stuff is a UK-based company that launched in 2010 after years of research deriving a way to make gummy candies without using gelatin. As most of you know, gelatin comes from animal peptides and proteins, making it absolutely, positively non-vegetarian. What a shame for vegetarians to have to forgo all the gummy treats out there, though, am I right? That’s what Goody Good Stuff thought too, so they introduced gelatin-free gummy products without sacrificing any flavor or quality. In fact, Goody Good Stuff jellies are now allergen-, gluten-, fat-, soy-, dairy-, egg-, alcohol-, GMO-, and nut-free. They are also Halal and Kosher, so unless you have a fruit or sugar allergy, you’re going to be pretty safe with these.

For the holidays, Goody Good Stuff has introduced a special flavor that comes in their new sharing bucket: Christmas Sugar Plum. That’s what I got to sample. Which, obligatory disclaimer, means I received that tub of gummies for free.

And I love them. I haven’t had this type of candy in a long time. They bring back fond memories of the candy store and sneaking those large gummy froggies into a movie theater. Each disc is hefty; being satisfied with one at a time is not out of the range of possibility. They are super soft, closer to melt in your mouth than chew, chew, chew. The jellies are coated in extra-fine sugar, which pushes them over that fruit snack edge fully into candy. Does it taste like a plum? Not at all, but sugar plum was historically applied to any number of dried fruit candies, so the company gets a pass on that. I’d call it close to white grape in flavor with a boost of berry. I’d also call it delicious.

Being a UK company, Goody Good Stuff isn’t all over the US, but it is available at a number of large US retailers including Toys R Us and 7-11. Get the full list here. What are your options once the elves take all the sugar plums away? How about tropical fruit, strawberry cream, sour fruit salad, summer peach, cola, and cherry? Sounds good to me, and the regular treats come in the more familiar gummy shapes of bears, fruits, and bottles. Let me know if you try them! I’m keeping my eyes open for my next road trip run.

Reviewed 3 December 2014.



3 thoughts on : Goody Good Stuff Product Review

  • December 15, 2014 at 11:39 am

    @VeganChatRoom @GoodyGoodStuff 2 tubs for £7.00 in whole foods, got Xmas sorted, yay. #vegan #delicious

  • Tricia Kent
    December 22, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    Awesome!! Love Goody Good Stuff!

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