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8 December, 2014

Poggia Basso Grappa del Piemonte

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Poggia Basso Grappa del Piemonte
Ghemme, Italy
40% ABV


This is my first grappa. Well, unless you count that one time I drank it while waitressing at Vinny Testa’s in Boston’s Back Bay. I assure you, you should not count that. But I think it was better than this?

The grappa has a nutty smell, mainly peanut, which is rather odd for a grape liquor. Actually, it’s more like peanuts left in the car too long and circus peanuts all at the same time. It brings to mind the Christian Brothers Frost White Brandy I reviewed back in 2010…which I really didn’t like. Plastic strawberries is all else I can come up with for smell. Big League bubblegum strawberry. Hopefully, the taste is better?

No. It’s highly alcoholic. I think it may have dissolved taste buds. I think I’m adding an ice cube. Two ice cubes. Drinking it is not much different from the nose, except it’s all circus peanuts. Have I mentioned I hate circus peanuts? Okay, it’s like a purer version of circus peanuts without all the additives. I’m not sure if that’s an improvement.

It’s going to take a LOOONG time to clear this bottle out from my cabinet.


Other Imbibers’ Thoughts:


While this is not a single-grape grappa, it is perfectly balanced, with nice fruit profile, very delicate – it is a powerful spirit, but perfectly drinkable and enjoyable all for (you knew that the puncheons was coming) $9.99. No matter what you think of grappas, if you have an access to the Trader Joe’s that carries it, you owe it to yourself to try it – you might discover your new favorite drink.

I respect my friend Anatoli’s opinion on all things wine, but I’m guessing that production quality may have changed in the two years since that spirit review. Or, you know, different strokes for different folks. I could not find another review through Google.

Reviewed 18 November 2014.

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