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7 January, 2013

Redemption Rye

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Redemption Rye
Bardstown, Kentucky


Seriously, that label is like porn to this foodie. The color, the slightly askew bold font with cursive writing and the handwritten lot # — I don’t know how to describe it. It does things to me. Things like make me buy the bottle. And I have not been disappointed since I did.

redemption_ rye

The whiskey’s color is yellow-brown, like light corn syrup. It smells sweet for whiskey, bringing corn to mind. The alcohol burn hits first on sipping, but it passes fast. I would call it medium bodied with vanilla, bacon, and butter notes that are really pleasant rolling over your tongue.

That’s all I have to say. It’s delicious, and I’ll buy more.


Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

A Girl and Her Barstool

It has an awesome spicy flavor. It’s like biting into a loaf of fresh homemade rye bread.

Chemistry of the Cocktail

Nose: much more wood, lots of pine, rye grain, cacao. Taste: sweet up front, lots of rye spice and pine green … It is decidedly youthful … not something I would be too keen to sip regularly (Rittenhouse BiB and Sazerac 6 do a much better job), but the higher proof means that it would be an even better choice for making cocktails.

The PDogg Blog

Paul: Deep orange in color and had a sweet, almost floral, nose. Initially the taste I got from this was a bit of citrus fruit … The finish is sweeter, and it is not overpowering … I would definitely go back for this as it seems reasonably available and priced acceptably.

Ryan: It started with a citrus note that faded very quickly and finished with a sweet vanilla caramel. It was a thin whiskey that finished almost as fast as it started.

Reviewed 19 Nov 12.


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