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28 December, 2011

La Quercia Aglianico 2010

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La Quercia Aglianico 2010
Puglia, Italy

I purchased this wine based on its super appealing nose at a wine tasting at Hope Valley Bottle Shop recently. It smells like brown sugar with white pepper and leather notes. I haven’t had many leathery wines lately, so that may be what appealed to me most. Drinking it is better than smelling it, because the fruit comes out nicely. I taste dark cherry, date, and fig. It’s smooth, moderately dry, and leaves you with that white pepper and some leather on the way out. It’s a lovely wine, and it would go wonderfully with steaks, burgers, or possibly a rich dessert like a bread pudding.

I think it’s fantastic. Give it a try.

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Reviewed 28 Nov 11.

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