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21 December, 2011

Central Coast Banshee Red Wine 2007

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Central Coast Banshee Red Wine 2007

This is a rich wine with a depth to it that makes me happy to drink it despite the fact that it’s not really that great. It’s dark brown in color. Milk chocolate is the dominant taste, which is its main drawback for me. There are healthy doses of fig, brown sugar, and prune as well. The fruit comes forward first, followed by the chocolate for a finish. My husband thinks it’s very dry, but I disagree.

The Banshee Red Wine is surprisingly mellow and lacking in any electrifying manner despite its namesake. Yet I still drank and enjoyed it. Considering that I’m writing this as I continue plopping lackluster advent calendar chocolate in my mouth, that’s probably not saying much.

Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

Not finding any! Guess no one else has heard it screaming from the wine shelves.

Reviewed 2 Dec 11.

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