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6 May, 2011

Wrightsville Beach Photo Blog

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When my family was in town at the end of March, we headed down to Wilmington so my stepfather could meet his North Carolinian relatives for the first time – pretty awesome, right? This photo blog isn’t about that, though. Instead, it’s just some pictures from the beach on that cold, yet beautiful Saturday that I feel like sharing with you. So here we go!

Walking toward the sand

My sister taking a picture of the Atlantic. We’re Pacific girls, you see.

Beach Houses

Lots of sea foam! Did someone let detergent get in the water?

My sister and the Atlantic.

I like pelicans, what can I say?

One last shot of the ocean before it was time to stroll the neighborhood instead.

Oh yes, I want that mailbox. Seriously, it’d be awesome.

There’s a boardwalk! Who knew? Okay, most of your probably did, but I did not. The Santa Cruz Boardwalk has is beat by leaps and bounds, however.

Britts Donut Shop is apparently a treasured, historic donut shop. It just reopened the weekend we were there, but man, that was a long line. I don’t like donuts, so we did not brave it.

Oh, Ocean, how long until we meet again?


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