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21 October, 2009

Wine Review–Incanto Rose

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Wine:  Incanto Rose
Region:  Italy

This sparkling rose has no nose to speak of.  It is moderately fizzy and paltry in personality.  I would liken it to a sparkling water with lemon-lime flavoring and a dash of berry.  It would work as a very light accompaniment for a meal but definitely not for drinking on its own.

1 star

1 star

Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

Wine Novice @ The Wino That I Know

There is a slight fuity aroma scent to this wine, but there is very little of a fruity taste. This is a very dry wine, and I was excited about the effervescent quality of it. It was actually overpowering and I think the wine would have been better whithout it. The hubs really seemed to enjoy this wine, but it’s not my cup of tea.

Rating: 1 Star…Might be nice if you prefer really dry wines, though.

The Wineauxs @ The Wineauxs

A mild nose, with just a bit of candied apple.

This is a slightly carbonated wine – it has a regular cork that requires a corkscrew, but it makes a pop noise when you open it. There’s no real stream of bubbles – just some hanging on the side of the glass. The bubbles give it a very interesting mouthfeel – it’s not quite fizzy, but you definitely feel it. Red apple and a few toasty notes and that’s it. If it didn’t have the fizz, I’d probably call this quite boring but it adds a layer to make it interesting.

I get some strawberry seeds on the finsh.

This is an extremely simple wine – very little is going on – but the bubbles give it a bit of depth, and there’s nothing funky or unpleasant going on. For this pricepoint, that’s not bad at all.

Reviewed by The Gourmez on 9.13.09.


2 thoughts on : Wine Review–Incanto Rose

  • Ed Stone
    July 15, 2011 at 2:49 am

    I think you are over thinking this wine.

    This is a wonderful easy drinking wine. Compared to the roses of the 70s and 80s it is drier with more character. As far as a lack of nose, you are comparing it to the more complex reds. I find this wine to have a nice fruit, a hint of tannin and a soft effervescence that make it a perfect summer drink. For what it is, it is a nice value.

  • July 15, 2011 at 12:37 pm

    Thanks for the comment, Ed. I love a dry rose, but this one just didn’t have a lot of flavor to keep me interested. Not having a nose isn’t automatically a bad thing in my book; I was just noting that I didn’t pick up on one. I’m glad you liked the Incanto Rose! I’ve seen it around a lot since I tried it, so you are definitely not alone–it has many fans!

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