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26 April, 2007

Paso Robles Estancia Zinfandel 2003

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Paso Robles Estancia Zinfandel
Other stuff on the label: Keyes Canyon Ranches, 2003

Paso Robles. My memories of it are that of a dry, dusty gas stop on the commute from lush Santa Cruz to Santa Maria (a slightly less dry, dusty Inn & Out stop on the way to LA). Yet, through the magic of Sideways, the Hollywood indie film from a few years back, I’ve discovered that the Central Coast is one of the best wine regions in California. Sorry, Mom, I’m still not visiting.

Back to the wine at hand. The label design is very understated, which I like. The background is beige with their sophisticated E drawn in mulberry and black. The text is all mulberry, which makes it a pleasant, not glaring contrast–they aren’t jumping at my dollar but they are wooing me with refinement.

The smell has a muted scent of tobacco and pepper. The dense cough syrup red of the wine is crowned with a golden horizon.

I was smiling at the first sip of this refreshingly light and tangy red. It tastes a bit buttery when swirled, reminding me of a jam cookie. Vanilla plays an evasive game with your taste buds.

3 stars

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