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26 April, 2007

Rene Barbier Mediterranean Red

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Rene Barbier Mediterranean Red
Other stuff on the label: Red Wine, Catalunya, Denominacion de Origen

What year, you ask? Well, I’d let you know if I’d remember to find out before the bottle hit the recycling bin.

With that many titles, it’s no wonder how many layers this wine has. I’ve found that I usually adore the simple table reds out there and this is no exception. Of course, it’s also a Spanish wine, upon which I heap adulation. Give me some spice, I’ll give you a truffle. Well, almost.

The first sip was full of quick flavor flashes: cinnamon, tomato, grape juice, and chili pepper. A delightfully tangy aftertase of cherplum flooded in on a wave of spicy goodness. What’s a cherplum, you ask? My refusal to decide whether it’s cherry or plum. Thus, the cherplum is born. I’d buy it if I saw it in a produce bin.

The Whole 4 Ounces: The Meditteranean Red’s flavors, while full and exciting, end up a tad too uneven when all is said and drank.

3 stars

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