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14 July, 2017

Hakushika Hana Kohaku Plum Sake

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Hakushika Hana Kohaku Plum Sake
Class: Junmai Ginjo
Nishinomiya, Japan

hana kohaku plum sake

This sake has added nanko plum extract, which is what makes it such a strongly amber color – in the bottle, it looked more rose pink! It smells like a blend of sake and plum wine with plum and warm rice being the primary notes. There’s salt for accent.

I like it. It’s completely straightforward as a blend of sake and plum wine, kind of a best of both worlds for favored Japanese beverages, excepting whiskey. I really didn’t think it would work, and, um, I really don’t think it would work with whiskey, too. Let’s keep it a duo, okay, inventive beverage makers? Don’t get any ideas from this blog.

The Hakushika Hana Kohaku Plum Sake is a smooth, sweet drink providing a pleasant end to the evening. Ultimately, though, I’d like a little more panache.

Chicken the Gourmez Rating 3/5 Average


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