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5 April, 2013

Double Black Diamond Martini at Firebird’s Grill

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Double Black Diamond Martini Firebirds Southpoint, Durham $10 This martini doesn’t have a long list of ingredients, but classic martinis never do, subsisting on quality liquor with a personalized touch of what gets the drinker’s juices flowing whether vermouth, blue-cheese-stuffed olives, or cocktail onions. The Double Black Diamond martini is even simpler than that, just
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20 March, 2013

CocoNUT Margarita at Firebirds

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CocoNUT Margarita Firebirds Southpoint, Durham $9.50 Firebirds is one of the best spots to get a drink before catching a movie at Southpoint. The drinks are pricey, but aren’t they at most spots I frequent? I know what I like and that’s quality liquor and bartending, both of which chain restaurants often fail at spectacularly.
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8 April, 2011

Tingletini @ Rockfish *CLOSED*

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Tingletini @ Rockfish Southpoint, Durham Website The tingletini is made with passion fruit vodka, simple syrup, lime juice, and jalapeno peppers. Guess you know the tingle comes from that last ingredient, huh? The presentation for this cocktail is beautiful. I especially like how the crossed straws mimic the crossed jalapeno slivers. It’s almost clear, but
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26 April, 2007

Bakehouse Bistro (Southpoint, Durham) *CLOSED*

Bakehouse Bistro (Southpoint, Durham) *CLOSED*
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Bakehouse Bistro *CLOSED* Southpoint 6905-104 Fayetteville Road Durham, NC www.bakehousebistro.com Entrees $12–$20 Bakehouse Bistro is a new concept in dining, offering a walk-up counter, baked goods, coffee drinks, and a dining room. Like me, they are still working out the kinks of gourmet stardom, which probably endears me to the place more than I should
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