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25 April, 2011

Pie Pushers

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Pie Pushers On the go in Durham Website $3–$4 per slice $6–$18 per pie My thoughts on Pie Pushers, a mobile pizza restaurant, went up at Carpe Durham a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t had a chance to publish them here yet. I tried them out during the Cookery’s open house, waiting in
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16 April, 2011

Meatless Mondays

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Eleni Vachos, of Bull City Vegan Challenge, is launching another endeavor to move Bull City residents toward meatless eats, at least one day a week. As part of the national movement, she has created Triangle Meatless Mondays and is encouraging restaurants to commit to offering a vegan item and eaters to pledge to abstain from
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11 April, 2011

The Cookery Open House

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The Cookery Open House 1101 West Chapel Hill Street Durham Website Last Thursday, I attended the Cookery’s open house. Lovely mural on the building The Cookery, in case you haven’t heard of this new business, is a 24-hour, commercial kitchen space that is available for chefs, bakers, small entrepreneurs, whoever, to rent by the hour.
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