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13 July, 2011

Sombras del Sol 2009 Carmenère

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Sombras del Sol 2009 Carmenère
Valle Central, Chile

The nose of this red wine is cayenne, allspice, and cardamom swimming in a medium of tart berries. That fruit is much more prominent when drinking. The wine is warming and on the thinner side of medium-bodied. Just-ripened blackberries dominate the palate until the spices kick in, and the combination is quite appealing to my wine sensibilities. It’s dry, but my mouth doesn’t feel leached of moisture, which is a plus.

Per the label, a glass of Sombras del Sol Carmenère holds the colors of the sun. I’m not sure that’s the case, but since I’m known for waxing poetic about tablet purchases, I’m not one to judge. Enjoy!

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