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21 January, 2011

Foster’s Market (Durham Branch)

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Foster’s Market
2694 Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard
Breakfast: $4.95–$9.95
Sandwiches/Wraps: $7.50–$7.95
Hours: 7:30 am—8:00 pm

There’s no question that Foster’s Market is a beautiful location for breakfast or lunch. It does, however, get rather hectic inside, at least in my and NOK’s over at Carpe Durham’s opinions. That’s the result of both its popularity and the odd set-up of different counters to order coffee and breakfast, lunch, or dessert at. That’s not even counting if you want to pick up any wines or items from their selection of local and/or gourmet jams, jellies, chocolates, cornbread mixes, and the like from the various shelves and displays throughout the space. If you get a side of one of their 10 different salads that range from chicken to rice to roasted vegetables,

then you need to balance that side along with your coffee and other items while you walk over to the registers to pay. I’ve no clue why sides aren’t brought out with the sandwiches when they’re done. But besides the initial frenzy, Foster’s Market’s food is usually worth it, especially in the spring when the wisteria’s blooming on the magnificent porch. For these unfortunate winter months, you are stuck inside, in a colorful room that’s definitely full during meal rushes.

I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve had so far, and DID, also of Carpe Durham, recommends anything that comes with the hot pepper jelly. Breakfast wraps are great, as are the home fries. The Greek grilled cheese with spinach, tomato, grilled onions, artichoke hearts, cucumbers, pepperoncini, provolone and feta is divine if you’re looking for a grilled cheese smorgasbord, though with the huge Syrian wrap, all the bread can be overwhelming. On my last trip, I had a 1/2 turkey club (all the sandwiches except for wraps can be halved and cost only $4) on rosemary focaccia with bacon, spinach, dijon vinaigrette, and brie.

Again, it was more bread than I like on a sandwich, but the spinach was the perfect green for handling all the gooey swiss, bacon, and mayo. It was a very tasty sandwich. My side of roasted veggie salad was also yummy.

The super good sweet potatoes dominated the blend of vegetables that also contained cauliflower, broccoli, new potatoes, rosemary, and parsley.

I’ve found their coffee making skills a bit lacking, however. That’s a cappuccino, and as you can see, the foam’s not exactly well-steamed. They also go big on size—that’s a small, which I added an extra shot to because the big mug is humungous and I just don’t need that much milk in my cappuccino.

Also worth noting is that Foster’s Market offers 5 days’ worth of meals to go on a rotating menu, starting at $100 for 2 people. You pick it up on Monday evenings and simply heat up the food the rest of the week. Has anyone tried this deal? It sounds pretty perfect for a week when you know you’ll be too busy to cook.

To sum up, Foster’s Market is great for tasty sandwiches and breakfasts, a bit lacking in coffee, and rather hectic, but totally worth it in the spring, when that porch is extra inviting.

Reviewed 1.5.11.


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