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10 August, 2009

Restaurant Review–William’s Gourmet Kitchen, RTP, Durham

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William’s Gourmet Kitchen
2114 East Highway 54
Research Triangle Park, Durham
Sandwiches:  $4.29-$6.49
Sides:  $0.99-$2.49

William’s Gourmet Kitchen is a popular spot for breakfast and lunch right where Highways 54 and 55 intersect.

Its atmosphere is definitely that of a fast food restaurant but one that is very clean, welcoming, and decorated with fun artwork on the walls (presently Big World Photography by Lorri Honeycutt).  Free wifi is available, which is always a plus.

Sandwiches, salads, burgers, or soup are available à la carte or you can add on a side of sweet potato fries, regular potato fries, chips, potato salad or pasta salad.  I’m still a bit annoyed with myself for spazzing at the register and not ordering the nicely priced half sandwich, cup of soup or side salad, and drink combo for $7.29.  Instead, I ordered a full smoked turkey sandwich.

The bread was more similar to a square french bread roll than a traditional foccacia, as it was described on the menu, but I thought it had a pleasant, chewy texture regardless. The amount of turkey on the sandwich was just right, not too much and not too little.  I am often turned off when places pile mounds of meat on a sandwich and I have to pull half of it off.  Green leaf lettuce, red onions, and drippy chipotle mayo added extra flavor.  It was a solid, if not extraordinary, sandwich offering.

There were also plenty of baked goods including brownies, rice crispy treats and cookies available, if you’d like to treat your sweet tooth.  I was barely able to resist the red velvet cupcakes but my willpower kicked in just in time.

I’ll be back to try breakfast, though I wish they had more than drip coffee to offer in the morning caffeine department.  But with omelets and home fries available for $5, I’ll forgo the cappuccino.

2 stars

2 stars

Reviewed  8.10.2009.


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