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28 June, 2009

Wine Review–Rockbridge Lexington & Concord

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Rockbridge Lexington & Concord
Other words on the label:  Virginia Sweet Red Table Wine

The label on this wine, featuring sketches of impressive buildings and people who I am sure are fine patriots, leads me to believe that drinking it will cause me to rise up and fight for the right to duck taxes.

It smells strongly of grape juice with a hint of musty leather.  The concord grapes figure most prominently on tasting as well, though overall, the wine is a mix of their sweetness and a tartness that tastes of lime.  There’s something tickling my tongue as I drink but I can’t place it.

I have a feeling the alcohol of this wine is the type that sneaks up on you, obscured by the sweetness as it is.  It would pair well with a fruit-based dessert, though I wouldn’t think chocolate would be a good choice.  What, you say, is this a dessert wine?  By labeling it a table wine, I would think not.  Yet after drinking it, I dub it one without hesitation.   Rather than inspire me to rebellion, it makes me wish I had some fresh fruit around to bake a pie.

2 stars

2 stars

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