21 May, 2009

Eno River Hike

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My sister, who is not the outdoorsy type, actually suggested we take a hike while she was here a few weeks back.  After I got over my amazement, I decided to give the Eno River a shot as I’d never been there before and it’s only 15-20 minutes from home.

We headed out to North Durham and parked off of Rivermont Road at the trailhead for the Pump Station loop.  We did that trail and a bit of the Laurel Bluffs trail as well, staying close to the water as best we could.  Inviting, no?


Our route took us past some ruins from the City of Durham’s first water pump station on our way to the water.  While they were intriguing, nothing is ever as pretty as the first view of water.


My sister spotted plenty of wildlife on the way, including a black snake, lots of frogs, and this turtle, which I walked right past without noticing.


And here’s proof that Christa actually made it into the woods!


I enjoyed getting out for a hike, something I have not done often enough since leaving Santa Cruz, and will definitely go back to the Eno River.  Does anybody have a favorite hike at Eno River National Park or just any cool spots that I must see?

For more pictures from our hike, head to my photo website.


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