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26 April, 2007

Thai China Buffet (Highways 55 & 54 Crossroads, Durham)

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Thai China Buffet
4900 NC 55, Ste 200
Durham, NC

This is a very casual spot that’s great for a cheap Asian eat. Its atmosphere would be greatly improved if the pair of upside down umbrellas on the ceiling was duplicated across the whole place. As it is, it’s a beige, cheap poster decor, but again, if you’re hungry and broke . . .

The Thai iced tea lacked a flavor punch, which is okay since you actually get free refills. That’s never offered for Thai iced teas!

We shared two dishes, the pineapple fried rice and Kung Pao. The rice dish was very tasty, with a healthy serving of pineapple mixed in. There was too much chili and it was starchier than I’d like, but we ate it with gusto anyhow.
The Kung Pao was lighter than your average Chinese fair with a thinner, but flavorful sauce. The addition of green beans and zucchini kicked it up a notch above the average.

An extra sweet fortune cookie finished the meal. Thai China Buffet, while not stellar, will do just fine for a late night run or an all you can eat lunchtime craving for Chinese.

1 star

1 star

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