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26 April, 2007

Jujube (Glen Lennox, Chapel Hill)

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1201-L Raleigh Road
Glen Lennox Shopping Center
Chapel Hill, NC

Jujube is an Asian fusion restaurant that is divided into a sushi bar and a dining room. The sushi bar is bright green and lively. The kitchen staff is very talkative and appreciates a good compliment. The dining room is chic but very open; it would be perfect as a lounge to enjoy a few drinks with your friends. The burnished red walls are dotted with photos of everyday Asia, which is unexpected and enchanting. Jujube invites you to come chill with your friends and share a few small but entertaining platters.

We started with a scallion calamari that was nearly as good as Vinny T’s calamari in Boston. It was delicately fried, with a satisfying crunch. The spice in the batter was accentuated when dipped in the tamarind sauce. Tasty.

We shared two small plates for dinner. The first was an incredibly creative fusion of southern bbq and chow mein called Jujube Noodles. It tasted like eating a pulled pork sandwich in noodle form. The pork was dry, which I like as I’m not a big lover of meat in general. Juicy meat grosses me out. The scallions tasted charbroiled and reminded me of the first time I had them done on a grill during one of many Santa Maria roadside bbq fundraisers. Thanks for the flavorful memory, Jujube!

The Vietnamese Salad Rolls were quite crunchy but something was off with the first bite. The rice paper was extra chewy and they were overloaded with noodles and mint. I enjoyed them but barely made it through one roll.

We ended the meal with Vietnamese Ice Cream and Shortbread. The ice cream was lightly coffee flavored and drizzled with a scrumptious orange sauce. The combination of flavors was delightful.

If you’re in the mood for a cozy table with intriguing food, then give Jujube a try!

4 stars

4 stars

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