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26 April, 2007

GardenGate Vineyards Semi-Sweet Scuppernoag 2003

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GardenGate Vineyards Semi-Sweet Scuppernoag
Other words on the label: 2003 Scuppernoag
North Carolina

Let me tell you something-North Carolinians love their wines as sweet as their tea. My husband and I bought this bottle at the vineyard and while I also liked the sweet scuppernoag, Mr. Gourmez wouldn’t even consider buying a bottle. The reason, for those of you who have yet to try a scuppernoag or muscadine, is that semi-sweet NC wines work great for a dessert liquor and sweet could probably draw all the bees within a hundred yard radius.

On tasting, this wine is very similar to a rum-spiked apple cider. It’s not as spicy but its got the same balance of alcohol and fruit. The fruit is more peach, however, and the wine bubbles a bit on the tongue.

The wine is colored like caramel syrup over strawberry ice cream. It’s pleasing to the eye and refreshing on a humid evening.

3 stars

3 stars

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