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13 May, 2019

USA Cabernet: “Rumored to Be Made by American Exceptionalism”

USA Cabernet: “Rumored to Be Made by American Exceptionalism”
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A few months ago, I had the pleasure of being introduced to Peter Wood, president of the Hucksters advertising agency and his new wine brand, USA Cabernet, made in partnership with Lodi’s Scotto Cellars. Obligatory disclaimer: By introduced, I mean that the dinner and wine I enjoyed with Peter and a few fellow wine bloggers
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11 February, 2014

Ridge Distillery Absinthe Blanche

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Ridge Distillery Absinthe Blanche Kalispell, MT 116 proof This absinthe is completely clear, as I’d imagine the blanche designation indicates. It has few legs to speak of when swirling it in the glass and is a completely blank slate based on appearance. Its particular anise smell reminds me of the thick, black, candy bites of
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