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10 May, 2010

The Chronicles of Mazu: Battle of the Orange Fluffy Thing

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It’s kitten picture time! At least we’re still calling Mazu a kitten, even though she’s up to 10 months now and has enough fur to convince us she’s much larger than she is. It’s pretty impossible to deny that she’s a Maine Coon anymore—heck, I’m not sure if she’s got any of her calico mother
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26 April, 2010

Loki’s New Favorite Thing and RSS Updates

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Hello lovely readers, I’m going to be migrating all of my posts done previously to using WordPress software into the WordPress system over the next few days (hopefully, that’s all it will take). I’m going to try and figure out if I can stop the RSS from updating for each of these since there’ll be
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27 March, 2010

Spring in Cross Timbers—Photo Blog

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Just a quick blog with photos of the flowers up and blooming, and of Loki taking his proper place as lord of the manor. His throne, of course, is the top of the car. Mazu, of the pretty, pretty coat. Verdandi, checking out the mulch I put beneath the Bradford Pear. The flower garden waiting
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18 December, 2009

Saint Mazu and the Fountain — A Photo Essay

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Mazu, our five-month-old kitten, has four goals in life: 1) Convert house plants into litter boxes, 2) Rush out the front door, 3) Pretend I’m a tree, and 4) Defeat the monster in the water bowl. It’s a Petmate water fountain and the motor makes sucking noises whenever the water gets low. To Mazu, these
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