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5 December, 2017

Order an Autographed Gift of Wings Unseen by 12/16!

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Apologies for a brief diversion from food and drink for an announcement for my day job – fiction writing! We’re only 20 days out from Christmas, and thus the time for gift giving is upon us! For $15, you can send a signed, personalized copy of my epic fantasy, Wings Unseen, to anyone you love – heck, it’s cool if you send it to someone you only kind of like, too. 😉

wings unseen, book, epic fantasy

My friends, Paul and Ann, whom I kind of like, I guess, getting their signed copies at my book launch.

$15 includes the book, and my signature and a personal message, filled out from your instructions on whom I should address that message too. It also includes shipping costs! What is Wings Unseen? Here’s my full page on it and a close-up of the cover.

wings unseen meerkat press rebecca gomez farrell

This price is only available until 12/16. After that, I won’t be able to ship via media mail in time for Christmas. But I am happy to use a more expensive shipping option to get it to your loved one for opening under the tree!

How to order? You can contact me via direct message on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram or just email me at becca@thegourmez.com. We’ll discuss payment and shipping methods – either Paypal, Square, or Venmo will work, and I am amenable to other shipping options, but the price will reflect those other options.

Or you can just order Wings Unseen off Amazon! It’s only $12 currently, which is a deal! But that doesn’t include author signature…

Happy holidays, dear readers, eaters, friends, and family! To bring us back to the Gourmez, here’s a picture of a delicious watermelon and balsamic vinegar amuse bouche from a recent feast Brix Chick Liza threw to celebrate my book publication. I’d explain what it is….but that’d be a spoiler. 😉

A Claren Amuse Bouche


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