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29 November, 2013

Edna Valley Vineyard 2011 Merlot

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Edna Valley Vineyard 2011 Merlot
Central Coast, CA


This merlot’s nose has plastic overtones, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying its raspberry and pepper notes. It’s thin to medium bodied and meatier than expected on drinking. Think nicely seasoned duck with a spicy raspberry and stewed tomato sauce. That pepper will tickle your nose! I also taste elements of a mirepoix: celery, carrot, dried herbs. Obviously, I’m thinking about dinner now. The raspberry is the thinnest part of the wine; the other notes liven it up. At the end of the glass, dry leather makes an appearance.

You can sink your teeth into this wine. It’s fun to drink but not necessarily worth repeating.


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Kristen’s Wine Blog on the 2009

The merlot was a dark red, almost purplish color. It did not have a very strong aroma. All I was able to pick up was a slight fruitiness with a hint of cherries and the general “red wine” smell, but not much else. The flavor was pretty weak and the wine just tasted rather flat. There wasn’t a whole lot to it and I didn’t really notice anything special.

That’s it for other blogs I could find on this wine. Their Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay seem to get more attention.

Reviewed 14 Nov 13.


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