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15 October, 2013

Goats in Villages Shiraz Pinotage

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Goats in Villages Shiraz Pinotage
South Africa
Note: No vintage I could see.

goats in villages

The artwork on this bottle of wine and the playfulness of the distributor’s name — Goats Do Roam — charm me. For Trader Joe’s, this is a high-end bottle at $9.99. Smells like blackberry gumdrops with a hint of licorice.

I haven’t drunk wine this pleasant in a while — we’ve mostly been on a $5 wine budget until our North Carolina house sells (6 days, knock on wood!). It has a bit too much alcohol heat for me, but my cheeks are tickled by the pleasant peppery mouthfeel, and I’m enjoying a note of beef. Which means drinking this wine is similar to dining on a peppered rib eye. Vanilla, custard, and blackberry layer into those savory notes very well. Ending impressions are dry eucalyptus with an attractive touch of bitterness.

This is a great value. Let it seduce you for all 10 of those dollars.


Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

Sourmashed (no vintage noted):

The Goats in Villages Shiraz Pinotage, from the Goats in Villages winery in South Africa, brings a nice combination of high flavor and low cost. With a mild amount of fruitiness, this wine brings a strength to its flavor that allowed it to stand up to pairings and match nicely with whatever we threw at it.

I don’t drink many African wines. This will be the first one I add to my regular rotation. I believe that it is sufficiently unique and pleasing that for the price, it is a great selection. My only complaint is the branding and the labeling, but I can get over that for good, cheap wine.

The Frugal Oenologist:

Speaking of cute names… My cdc and I differ on this, mostly Shiraz, South African red. She found it pleasantly robust, with strong red fruit and oak flavors, with just enough acidity to make it interesting. While I concede those points, I thought that the tannins were sufficiently undeveloped to create an almost gritty taste. Perhaps a year or two in the bottle will take care of that. Anyway, at the sale price of $8.99 you might want to try a bottle.

Christine Ashworth:

We had it with our corned beef on St. Patty’s day; and the wine was surprisingly superb. When my hubby tasted it (without knowing its name or where it had been made), he said there was something unusual — earthy, maybe — about the wine, and he quite liked it. I did, too — and am planning on going back and getting more. My Rating: ~ Very Drinkable ~ I mean, come on. When was the last time you consumed anything from South Africa?!

Reviewed 26 Sept 13.

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