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18 February, 2013

Red Diamond Shiraz 2009

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Red Diamond Shiraz 2009
Washington State

red diamond shiraz

This Shiraz has the most interesting nose I’ve smelled in a while. It’s full of leather and juicy blackberry. The wine itself is much thinner than expected for a Shiraz, but it’s nicely matured. Blackberry swoops up then is replaced with whipped cream and spices. Pink peppercorn, a hint of anise. It goes down easily, leaving something sweet on your tongue. That leathery nose is absent while sipping.

The wine is too thin for the berry to demand attention as it should, but it’s pleasant regardless. It’ll go down fast and there’s no shame in letting it.


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Frugal Wine Snob on the 2007 vintage

We find this label to be interesting and delicious, especially for the price. The initial aroma and taste were very pleasing with oak, vanilla, and big luscious berries. It’s a gorgeous, fat wine with a beautiful garnet color and a long finish. Utterly enjoyable by itself.

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This medium-bodied, peppery wine was perfect with its raspberry jam and honey finish mingled with spicy floral undertones.

Cooking for Assholes on the 2004 vintage

The second it rolled across my lips, I recoiled in horror. This wine was fucking disgusting. It was sweeter than the tender kisses your mom showered upon me last night while you were watching us from the closet. The overt sweetness gave it that ‘church wine’ taste. In fact, I am pretty sure I have had better wine at church but that was probably due to the transubstantiation. . . . 0 out of 5. Oh hell no!

Reviewed 11 Jan 13.

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