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31 December, 2012

Primal Roots 2010 Red Blend

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Primal Roots 2010 Red Blend
Acampo, California

I love blends. They make me happier than wines primarily made of one grape. Together, the blend is smoother, more drinkable, although I assume an argument can be made that they lose character along the way. That may be the case with the Primal Roots 2010 Red Blend. It’s pretty good, but it could use more time to age for sure. It’s pretty far up the leather and molasses scales right now. Black raspberry is the main fruit. Kumquat, rhubarb, and strawberry are all potentially in the mix, creating a dense, sweet pie of a wine without the crust.

At last drop, it’s too heavy to make me revel in the blend’s smoothness. There are better options ready now. Though I am curious about older vintages…

Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

Bob’s Brew and Liquor Reviews

The 2010 Primal Roots Red Blend pours a surprisingly dark garnet color with aromas of raspberry jam and vanilla.  Tasting brings sweet strawberries, raspberry jelly, and a soft bit of vanilla and mocha lingering throughout.

This isn’t a bad blend, especially being under $10.  It is a touch sweeter than I was expecting, but there is a good bit of underlying dry mocha notes that really keep it from being overly fruity and sweet.  All in all, not a bad everyday type of wine, if not a bit too straightforward.

The Wine Commonsewer

Ten bucks US is too much for this wine, there are simply too many attractive alternatives. That isn’t to say it’s a bad wine, though it has a bit too much cloying sweet cherry for my palate. That might not bother you…. Definitely improves with air. Give it a good sloshing in the decanter, which will help the sweet cherry on the backside. … there is a predominant aroma of alcohol. Behind that there are aromas of red fruit and a little whiff of grenadine.

Unfussy Wine

Very dark wine and has a thickness to it in the glass showing ripe fruit and oak aging. Oak, dark stone fruit, vanilla, crème brûlée add to a nicely balanced nose — once the wine was allowed to open up. Big, bold red blend with lots of vanilla oak and ripe berry fruit with a mix of chocolate and good amount of spice all leading up to a long finishing wine.

Reviewed 6 Dec 12.

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