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15 February, 2012

Napa River Napa County Merlot 2008

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Napa River Napa County Merlot 2008
Napa Valley, CA

I can’t pick anything up from the nose of this merlot, but I’m not complaining. It’s a delicious wine. It’s thin-bodied, very smooth, and just to the right of dry. The prominent berry flavors are present in equal parts of cherry, raspberry, and strawberry like a fruit punch blend. A mellow cocoa accents the berry bounty, helping it all glide down more easily. Small traces of leather and spice round out the glass.

This is definitely a merlot worth trying. I may just keep a few around.


Other Bloggers Thoughts:

Cheap Wine Finder on the 2007 vintage

The color is a see-thru, shiny cherry red. The nose is interesting, some cigar box, a bit of leather, blackberry, plum and smoky bacon fat; I was not expecting that from a $4.99 wine. This a nice, chewy Merlot, not fruit forward like the majority of wine in this price range. There is blackberry and raspberry, vanilla, along with a harder edge of tobacco and Christmas spice. There is a decent is berry and vanilla finish.

Well, I wasn’t expecting a 5 buck Napa Merlot is be a real Napa Merlot. I am sure there are better Napa Merlot’s out there, but the Napa River at 1/10 the price is a solid effort.

 Reviewed 10 Jan 12.

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