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9 November, 2011

Martine Galhoune Moulin 2010 Pinot Noir

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Martine Galhoune Moulin 2010 Pinot Noir

Nectarine. The nose of this wine is full of nectarine. It’s thin-bodied, fun to drink, and a welcome shift from the overly dry wines I’ve had lately. I’d call this one medium dry. It has vanilla, spice, nectarine, chocolate, and cherry all balanced well together.

The MGM 2010 pinot noir is simple and unassuming and I dig it.

Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

Cheese N Truffles

This wine has a beautiful perfumed nose although my agreeable adjectives stop there.  I found this wine vegetal, malic, and hallow; definitely lacking character and a short finish, like drinking water.  Now, that’s not to say I won’t drink it …that would just be a waste of money, just expect a decent table wine and not sophistication when you pick this bottle up.

Can’t Stop Wineing, 2009 vintage

Nose: Sweet, dark cherry, red and black plum, licorice. Taste: The flavors on the initial sip are of very ripe plums and dark cherry fruit; the midpalate is cinnamon, brown sugar, heat, and astringency, though none of these are out of proportion. The finish is medium-to-long with flavors I can more closely describe as sweet plum liquor. This surprised me, and with the first two glasses, I was unimpressed and a little put off. But as I began to drink my third glass, I decided to drink it with the mindset that I was drinking just another red blend. The wine went down much easier and I was quite satisfied.

Pinot Now, 2009 vintage

It has aromas of cinnamon toast and cherry candy, with hints of raspberry and leather. It tastes smooth and light with penetrating yet balanced fruit and a great finish. At 12.5% alcohol, it’s worry-free, gulpable Pinot pleasure.

Reviewed 22 Oct 11.

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