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13 June, 2011

Tisdale Pinot Noir (vintage free, yo!)

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Tisdale Pinot Noir (vintage free, yo!)
Modesto, CA

This wine looks thin, watery, dark brown, and plum. It smells of bitter chocolate and currants. As expected, it tastes very thin and watery. Fleeting cocoa powder comes first followed by the currant and overripe figs with some apricot notes. Then the cocoa powder rushes back in before the wine finishes.

The wine has a great flavor profile, but they all flee way too fast. The more I drink it, the less appealing it is.

Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

Alcohlogers’ Anonymous

Tangy and a little bland. 4/10.

The Winers Blog

This is a medium-bodied pinot noir with soft tannins and an aroma and flavor profile of cherries, red raspberries, nutmeg, and some earthiness. I was pleasantly surprised with this inexpensive wine.

Supermarket Liberation

It was light, innocuous, and reminded me vaguely of cough medicine. If money had not been spent on it I don’t know that I would have finished any of it. That said, I didn’t spend anywhere near enough money to drink more than a half glass. The after flavor has a sort of painfully integrated alcohol and vegetable essence that does nothing for the wine or my taste buds.

Reviewed 5.31.11.

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