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27 May, 2011

Twisted Noodles–Durham Branch

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Twisted Noodles
4201-112 University Drive
South Square



I’m a huge fan of Thai food, yet it’s taken me forever to try Twisted Noodles because I’ve been pretty happy with Thai Cafe in Rockwood and Thai Palace on Highway 54 in Chapel Hill. I finally made a point of it, and armed with a coupon for free spring rolls from Durham’s annual calendar, we went! The interior is a few large steps up from your average Asian strip mall restaurant with rich brown walls, cream-toned booths, and dark tables. I especially liked the bamboo screens on the way in, and the lighting was moderately dim and inviting. It was two-thirds full on a Friday night with plenty of take-out business coming in and out as well. Service was fast, and the food was definitely speedy. Options include noodle dishes, noodle soups, fried rice dishes, classic Thai stir fries and curries, and some house specialties that lean toward duck and seafood options. All dishes but noodles and soups come with a hearty portion of white rice.

My Thai iced coffee—a favorite, creamy splurge of mine when at a Thai restaurant—was plenty tasty.

My husband happily drained a few glasses of plum wine. We started with that free order of Twisted Thai rolls, which are vegetarian, fried spring rolls.

They were fried perfectly. The filling was mostly cabbage, so some other veggies mixed in would have been nice. For a quick bite before the main entrees, it was good.

As for those entrees, my husband had the Roast Duck Red Curry from the house specialties menu. Along with the duck came pineapple, basil, bell peppers, green beans, and carrots.

It was pretty good, but I’ve had much better duck at other places. The green beans and carrots were undercooked, in my opinion, but the flavors of the curry were great.

I had the sautéed cashew dish off the classic Thai menu, made with onions, red and green bell peppers, cashews, scallions, and carrots in a chili oil sauce with your choice of protein—I went with chicken and medium spice.

I thought this a much better dish than the duck curry. The chicken was sliced thin and tasted delicious, and the chili oil sauce was very tasty with a heat level I enjoy and a dried chili flavor that made me happy. The bell peppers gave a nice crunch, and cashews make nearly any dish more exciting.

I think Twisted Noodles is a good option for Thai food, if not quite as adventurous as other local spots in their offerings. Has any tried their rotee dessert? That’s my next coupon to use!

Reviewed 5.20.11.



3 thoughts on : Twisted Noodles–Durham Branch

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  • Andy
    June 12, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    The rotee is pretty good. I’ve tried most of the dishes on their menu and I’ve got to recommend two dishes if you return: Sauteed Glass Noodles and the Tom Yum Chili Oil Noodle Soup. Both are fantastic in their own way. The Tom Yum Chili Oil Noodle Soup is by far and away the best I’ve ever had.

    • June 12, 2011 at 10:42 pm

      I’ve been hearing great things about all their noodle dishes, and I’m still amazed I managed not to try them at a place called Twisted Noodles. Definitely will check them out on our return trip.

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