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12 January, 2011

Tres Pinos 2009 Red Wine

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Tres Pinos 2009 Red Wine
San Luis Obispo, CA

This wine is from my stomping grounds, though I didn’t know much about wine back when I stomped there (that’s only been marginally improved). There is a sharp cranberry smell followed by the lush scent of fresh, moist dirt—a great nose, as far as I’m concerned. The taste is much mellower than the smell indicated: rich plum and fig with a mild amount of spice. It’s very easy drinking. Blowing any minds? No, but it goes down easy.

Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

Good Juice. Bad Juice.

. . . very strong up front, a little tart with some berry. The tannins are a little strong in this one for me, but if you like pinot noirs, I think this might be a great inexpensive wine for you.

The Value Vine

The nose is of candied fruit, sweet spice, and a hint of burnt rubber. Nicely balanced, with a vague fruitiness and tobacco finish.

Reviewed 12.18.10.

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