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21 July, 2010

Augey Red Bordeaux 2007

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Augey 2007 Bordeaux

This is a subtle wine with a lot of flavor, which may be a contradiction of sorts. It’s full of fruit–the fruitiest wine I’ve had in a while, truth be told. It’s also pretty thick. I like the simple berry goodness; there’s a smorgasbord of blackberry, raspberry, and strawberry all begging for your attention. The amount of oak is just right for me; it’s enough that you have to consider if a toothpick may have fallen in the wine but not too much that I actually consider wood to be a flavor component. There’s also a hint of vanilla.

It’s a good, pleasant, easy-to-drink wine. For Bordeauxs, it’s one of my favorites so far. I think that means I need to try more Bordeauxs.

2 stars

2 stars

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Jersey Foodies on the 2004 vintage

The nose had some cherry, with hints of currant, spice, soil, and a touch of alcohol. On the palate, this wine was very thin, with hints of more red fruits, but nothing really stood out. The finish was very short, lasting maybe 10 seconds if that, but what do you want for around $7?

Wines I Like on the 2006 vintage

The wine is a full bodied wine with a ton of ripe red fruit. It even says so on the bottle. The ripe fruit added a tartness to it. This wine would be great with a nice hearty meal

Reviewed 7.6.10.

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