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18 May, 2010

Rum Bang Bang, My Place

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I’m really low on alcohol right now, so don’t judge me. It strikes me that nearly all of the self-made cocktails I’ve posted have been pretty bad, which is a shame, because I swear I can shake a good drink! I think I need people to randomly send me liquor samples so I can have that fully stocked liquor cabinet I need for genius to strike. Come on, mail me some chartreuse. You know you want to.

Rum Bang Bang

2 shots Bacardi Gold Rum
0.5 shot Galliano
Dash of International Delight Caramel Macchiato creamer
0 .25 shot of Myer’s Dark Rum

Shake everything up but the dark rum. Pour into a martini glass then float the dark rum on top.

Wow, that’s a rum drink all right, a nothing-but-rum drink. It makes my nose all sniffle-y. I rather expected to hate it, but I don’t. The creaminess makes the intense rum martini drinkable, and if a full shot were added of that, it might not be half bad at all. Without that, though, it’s definitely a sipper and an act of desperation.

1 star

1 star

Created 5.12.10.

On further thought, I wonder how much of my recent cocktail failures can be attribute to the use of Galliano. In the world of licorice liquors, I think it has to rank one of my least favorites. The yellow color is unappealing, it’s too thick, and tastes almost like there’s a plastic film in addition to the very strong licorice. I love sambuca and absinthe, so maybe Galliano is just a bad idea for mixing? What do you think?


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