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12 February, 2010

Trader Joe’s Reserve Syrah 2006 — Wine Review

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Wine: Trader Joe’s Reserve Syrah 2006
Region:  Mendocino County, California

I’ve recently become suspicious of wines labeled reserve or vintner’s selection because I haven’t found that I like them any more than ones without a fancy classification in their name.  So it was with trepidation that I tried this Trader Joe’s wine, even more so because it’s a grocery store label–could it really be great quality?

The nose was full of leather, pepper, and very dark fruit. It tasted, unexpectedly, like eating chunky jam or more precisely, those gumdrop-shaped, nonpareil-coated, black raspberry candies. It’s a bright and lively syrah with mild pepper in addition to that juicy, jammy goodness.

Trader Joe’s Reserve Syrah 2006 was delicious and totally worth the purple teeth and lips. + 1 for both reserve and grocery store label wines!

4 stars

4 stars

Other Blogger’s Thoughts:

Vino Mundo on the 2005 vintage

Hit. Full-bodied and brooding, with dark fruits such as plum. Elegant in the sense of a bull in a china shop. Dark purple color will stain your teeth!

Tom da Wine Guy

A very nice Syrah with medium tannins and lots of dark fruit and black pepper.  A real deal at this price.

Reviewed 2.1.10.

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